About me…

I have just graduated from Loughborough University with a BA Hons in Fine Art where I discovered my love for embroidery art.

Whilst studying I won several awards, alongside being a Uk representative for a book ‘Protests for Progress’ which was published with aims to improve the lives of minorities across the world. Alongside, being chosen and included in high-profile museums exhibitions for several months.

I also did voluntary work for Enactus which included designing prosthetics for third world countries. I needed to create affordable products but also follow intricate designs that would be approved medically. It also included creating other amputee aid products, which involved organising a startup business alongside having to reach deadlines fluidly within a group in order to successful. Overall, our work was successful as we reached the Enactus international finals.

Previous to this I studied my textiles foundation at Truro College where I graduated top of my year.

Some of My Recent Awards

– The Attenborough Award.

– Winner at The Open 30 (2019) and Open 31 (2020)

– Work displayed in The New Walk Museum TWICE for several months in rooms next to Picasso’s (2019 and 2020).

Exhibited in ‘Protest for Progress’ at the Zest Hall. From this I was selected to be included in a book for equality published September 2020.

– Leader for ‘Landed’ 2019 Exhibition.

– Finalist for Enactus International Enterprise Award by designing affordable prosthetics for third world countries alongside designer for PrepMate (within Enactus) for kitchen aid for amputees.

If you would like to discuss a commission or talk about my work that is for sale…

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